Ride Your Bike. We’ll Be Here.

COVID-19 Update

Dear Friends,

We're taking this day by day. This situation is unprecedented and needs to be treated as such. As a bike shop we have a responsibility to help get people from point A to point B on safe and effective equipment. We also recognize the emotional and mental outlet that bicycles provide during these trying times.

Currently we will remain OPEN. Our hours may vary in order to accommodate our at-risk employees and other staffing needs. Those hours will be updated regularly on our website and other outlets.

Here's what we promise to provide:

  1. Friendly service outside our doors: For the safety of the general population, customers will not be allowed inside the shop.

  2. Zero Contact: No handshakes or hugs (This sucks). We understand you may be pumped about your service, but kissing is also off limits.

  3. Pay over the phone: Before picking up your repair, call us ahead. We can take payment over the phone to avoid unnecessary interaction. 

  4. Mobile Service: Certain days of the week will be dedicated to pick-up and deliveries for repairs. There is no charge for this service within a 10 mile radius of the shop. 

  5. Cleanliness and Sanitation: All bikes will be wiped down before being handed off to customers. Gloves and disinfectant will be offered to all customers prior to test rides. 

Better times ahead folks! We promise!

Much Love,

Brian, Megan, Nate, Katie and the rest of the Lewes-Rehoboth Cycle Sports Family.